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LET us HELP YOU reach the "NEW NORMAL"
COVID19 has made it difficult if not impossible to assist people and develop organizations to meet the challenges we now face. 
The interactive group learning dynamic is on hold for now. 
We have over 60 ONLINE products in the form of ONLINE PRODUCTS added to our already large inventory of products designed for remote individual use in conjunction with video conferencing.  Continue to train and develop staff or administer courses to your students online until you have the option to return to your preferred methods.  Using online instruments will add to ways of reaching your goals for success. 
  • Access to 38 online assessments that deliver soft skills training that transform your workforce
  • Easy distribution of online assessments instantaneously to a global audience
  • A centralized and organized data collection process
  • The ability to manage and track participant progress and completion
  • Access scores immediately and control the release of results
  • Easily create personalized, full-color interpretive reports for your learners
  • 24/7 access to a secure learner account
  • The ability to complete assessments from any location, on any device, and at any time
  • Access to automatic scoring and instant results
  • Personalized, full-color interpretive reports in a PDF format can be utilized by participant, instructor or both. 

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