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Breakthrough Creativity Profile Facilitator Guide

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Lynne Levesque, EdD

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The Breakthrough Creativity Profile includes practical tools and three workshops, combining self-assessment with classroom training to help both individuals and teams improve their creative problem-solving skills, develop the ability to be inventive, become more productive, and achieve their creative best.


The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and score. We recommend you allow an additional 40 minutes to an hour for the interpretation of results, debrief, and action planning. Trainer certification is not required to administer or facilitate the Breakthrough Creativity Profileassessment or workshops.


The Second Edition also includes three workshops that enable you to expand the learning using step-by-step facilitator guidelines and professional Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations:

  • Breakthrough Creativity Workshop (2.5 hours): Challenges individuals to take action and develop a stronger sense of creative talent.
  • Team Profile Workshop (1.5-2.0 hours): Focuses on the impact individual differences have on the team's creative results, explores the team's creativity profile, identifies gaps and opportunities, and develops and action plan to become more creative.
  • Creative Problem-Solving Workshop (1.5 hours): Helps individuals and teams apply their creative talents to solving tough problems, understand the impact of individual differences on the ability to creatively solve problems, and develop an action plan to become more creative.

Includes the Breakthrough Creativity Profile, Second Edition Facilitator Guide, Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, self-assessment sample, and facilitator support materials. 


Table of Contents

  • Part 1: Introduction and Background
  • Part 2: The Breakthrough Creativity Profile Workshop
  • Part 3: Breakthrough Creativity Team Profile
  • Part 4: Applying Breakthrough Creativity to Problem Solving
  • About the Book
  • Creative Problem-Solving Tools and Techniques

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