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Management Styles Questionnaire E-Assessment

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Jon Warner
This 30 item, online assessment sheds new light on your management style using Douglas McGregor's two highly influential ways of viewing people's motivation in the workplace. The report of results provides the impact of style on the use of 12 fundamental management competencies and worksheets for development planning.

Are you a Theory X manager . . . or a Theory Y manager? Unleash a motivation model as powerful today as it was over 40 years ago.


Based on Douglass McGregor’s landmark work on Theory X and Theory Y, this assessment determines your predisposition on the X/Y scales and provides the implications of using either style across the 12 managerial competencies assessed in the Management Effectiveness Profile.


When to Use the Management Style Profile

  • With any employees who need to explore their management style in order to improve their effectiveness in the workplace.
  • With managers, team leaders and supervisors who need to better match either a participatory style (Y) or an authoritarian style (X) to the needs of the situation and people involved. 
  • As an entry learning exercise for any training on management or coaching. 
  • As an introductory training activity on management styles to teach participants about their own predispositions and how this can affect the performance and morale in their work unit.
  • As the center piece of a 1-day facilitated training workshop on management styles. 



·         Management style feedback report — Displays the participant’s management style predisposition and provides positive uses for each style, and the implications of each management style when used with each of the 12 competencies assessed by the Management Effectiveness Profile.

·         Through its linkage to the MEP competencies, the MSQ can easily be integrated into more comprehensive training on these 12 competencies. Off-the-shelf workshops for each of these competencies are available through HRD Press. 

·         Easy to administer – The online administrative component is easy for both administrators and participants, yet provides administrators key control over the distribution of results.

·         Relevant feedback – In addition to your specific profile information the feedback report contains a “Development Suggestions” worksheet that can be used individually or in a class setting to recap the results of the assessment, consider implications for your specific position, and record important behavioral changes you can make to improve managerial effectiveness.



·         Measures Theory X and Theory Y management styles through 30 items, and provides a wealth of information on how these management styles influence the application of 12 global management competencies.

·         Worded in simple, understandable and behavioral terms allowing any participant, regardless of education or English language proficiency, to understand and provide accurate ratings.

·         The report is composed of nine smaller reports. Reports begin with an introduction to management style followed by your individual assessment results, how to interpret your results and then detailed explanations of how to use management style information in a variety of contexts. 


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