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Psychological Type Indicator E-Assessment

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Jim Barrett

The Psychological Type Indicator (PTIOL) is a carefully crafted online personality measure that is designed to give individuals guidance about their psychological (Jungian) type using the sixteen types (INTJ, ENTP, etc.) first presented by Carl Jung. The focus of the PTIOL is on providing individuals themselves, their managers and those who train them, with an understanding of personality and its effect on performance both inside and beyond the workplace.

PTI is the best and fastest way to provide the deep level personality typing power of the 16 typing system used by Myers-Briggs. An ideal method to teach professionals how personality influences behavioral styles, skill development, career choices, communication, and leadership. Our clearly written reports make it easy for anyone to interpret their personality type as it relates to workplace issues like stress management, time management, and team roles.  

The PTIOL feedback report provides comprehensive information on your primary type, your least used type, as well as information designed to facilitate understanding of other types.

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