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50 Activities for Employee Engagement

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50 Activities for Employee Engagement

It’s no news today that competitive advantage in any industry depends on discretionary effort, creative thinking, and continuous innovation throughout the workforce. How do you get your organizations workforce more engaged? How can training play a central role in this business essential? The answer is 50 Activities for Employee Engagement.

50 Activities for Employee Engagement is a 200+ page collection of reproducible competence-building employee development activities that help managers, supervisors and employees understand what employee engagement really means and how it can help your organization create and maintain an engaged workforce. It's the tool you need to push engagement concepts and techniques down to your teams, departments, divisions and the shop floor where motivation and engagement can really make a positive difference for your organization. 50 Activities for Employee Engagement is used by some of the best known organizations in the world, including the U.S. Army, Harley Davidson Motor Company, JohnsHopkins Health and many others. It's a must have addition to your human resources development toolbox.

An engaged employee works together with coworkers to achieve common company goals and growth objectives. 50 Activities For Employee Engagement gives you development activities and training to turn employee engagement from an idea to reality. It's designed to help you understand the key factors of engagement:

  • Commitment

  • Attitude

  • Alignment

  • Communications

  • Goals

  • Customer Focus

  • Loyalty

  • Involvement

  • Ownership

You’ll find activities to help you define employee engagement, measure the current level of engagement in your organization and understand critical underlying principles. Are you interested in sustaining and growing employee engagement? Move on to the activities on overcoming obstacles, motivating engaged employees, how world famous leaders lead engagement and other advanced topics.

The activities are organized into these six sections:

  1. Understanding Employee Engagement

  2. Getting Started to Engage Employees

  3. Leading Employee Engagement

  4. Measuring Employee Engagement

  5. Creating an Engaged Workplace

  6. Employee Engagement Communications

Each of these fun and easy-to-use activities focuses on a different aspect of employee engagement and can be completed in 30-45 minutes. Each activity includes the purpose, description, time guidelines, resources, presentation instructions, debriefing guidelines and a handout.


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