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Development Styles Profile Assessment & Workbook

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Roelf Woldring

The Development Styles Profile is a self-assessment and workbook that explores the kinds of professional development activities that best match your learning style. For example, do you choose the “self work” option at the end of professional development sessions—or the “group work” option? Do you attend sessions at industry conferences that are interactive—or that allow you to reflect on the information presented?

You’ve probably noticed that some professional development programs work better for you. They motivate you, you enjoy them, you learn more and you’re better able to change your on-the-job behavior. Here’s your opportunity to examine this critical area close-up. By completing this assessment, you’ll gain insight into the fit between your personal development styles and professional development programs.

The profile focuses on two behavior areas:

  • How you determine what is true and construct new knowledge
  • How you interact with others in group situations

The package contains everything you need—a 20-item assessment, scoring instructions and interpretation guidelines. In minutes, you can complete the profile, plot your development styles and gain a new awareness of the kinds of professional development activities that best match your learning style. You’ll gain a wealth of valuable insight that will help you expand your learning repertoire and benefit from all professional development—including experiences that don’t perfectly match your style.

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