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Patrick Handley, Ph.D.

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INSIGHT Inventory Self is a strengths-based, positive, easy to understand personality assessment. In less than 30 minutes INSIGHT Inventory Self teaches participants self awareness of their primary behavioral styles enabling them to communicate better with less conflict and with greater appreciation of individual differences. INSIGHT Inventory Self has a fast paced approach in an uncomplicated format which can make it the centerpiece of a training program or easy to integrate into existing management training. In just 20 minutes participants can complete the INSIGHT Inventory Self and begin bridging communication gaps that are costing your company a fortune.

INSIGHT Inventory Self has a fast paced approach in an uncomplicated format which can make it the centerpiece of a training program or easily integrate into an existing curriculum. Easy to use, participants will see results quickly. INSIGHT moves quickly from developing a profile to applying the learning. It allows participants to develop a profile and apply what they have learned.


Benefits of INSIGHT Inventory

INSIGHT Inventory is unique from other assessments available today. It emphasizes the idea that behavior may change from one situation to another, instead of trying to label people or predict their behavior. Participants receive two profiles after describing their behavior in two different environments, work and personal. It's important to consider different profiles because they provide insight across various situations, and not just a glimpse of a persons static personality type or profile.

The assessment was specifically developed to be easy to complete, simple to understand, and practical to apply. It uses every-day language (no codes, colors, labels, or quotients) which makes it possible for users to immediately discuss the results with each other.

The interpretive booklet included helps users develop and strategies for communicating better. Special sections about flexing one's style answer the "So what?" question with practical guidelines that can be implemented immediately to improve personal effectiveness and build stronger, more effective relationships.

INSIGHT Inventory complements and expands awareness when bridged with other assessments. It integrates seamlessly with MBTI, DiSC, Big 5, StrengthsFinder 2.0, and many more assessments and programs.


Features of INSIGHT Inventory

  • Participants can complete and self score the questionnaire in just 20 minutes

  • Provides both work style and personal style profiles to highlight ones ability to flex their styles according to the environment

  • Skill building focuses on learning to adapt your own communication style to others with different styles

  • Comprehensive Trainers Guide details the instrument's psychometric properties and provides extensive training application outlines for use in conflict management, stress management, customer service, and leadership



Insight Inventory Self Personal Style


The 4 Personality Styles

  • Indirect/Direct: How you express thoughts, present ideas, and assert yourself

  • Reserved/Outgoing: How you approach and respond to others

  • Urgent/Steady: The speed at which you make decisions and take action

  • Unstructured/Structured: How you structure time, organize tasks, and handle details


The assessment was developed to be eay to understand and uses conversational language to make it simple for people to understand who they are and how they interact with others. The included Interpretive Guide gives participants strategies and skills for development that can be immediately implemented. This is why INSIGHT Inventory Self is a foundational tool used for many programs covering topics such as:  

  • Team building

  • Conflict and Stress Management

  • Leadership and Management

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills 

  • Customer Service

  • Negotiation and Sales Skills




Also Available: Insight Inventory Form B (Original Version) in French  

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