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Patrick Handley, Ph.D.

Teaming Up with Insight

The newest addition to the best-selling Insight Inventory product line is Teaming Up with Insight. Using all of the tried and trusted knowledge gained by using the Insight Inventory, this team focused product is dedicated to evaluating and improving vital group communication. The 16-page booklet contains a scoring sheet and grid as well as full breakdown of trait preferences and appropriate "flex" points, allowing for quick administration and comprehension of scoring outputs. Teaming Up with Insight will help to track and evaluate interpersonal communication through each stage of team development with positive effects on your group's core structure, conflict management, time management, goal setting, and overall efficiency.

Sections in Teaming Up with Insight Include:

  • Team Cluster Report
  • Team Member Environment Worksheet
  • Rating Team Leader to Improve Communication
  • Team Member Scoring Chart
  • Style Flexing Checklist
  • Improving Team Effectiveness
  • and more!

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