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Selling Skills Inventory-2nd Edition Self Assessment

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Kenneth R. Philips

Teach your salespeople the basics of smart, collaborative selling with the Selling Skills Inventory. This instrument does much more than just measure aptitude. It also outlines a collaborative, step-by-step sales model that your reps can put to immediate use.

The instrument begins with 18 selling situations-the type your sales reps are most likely to encounter during a sales call. Each scerario is followed by 4 alternative courses of action. By choosing the actions they would most likely take, respondents generate a profile of how well they use the skills required to sell successfully.

Selling Skills is perfect for selling situations in which building long-term customer relationships is critical to the selling process, custom-made product or service solutions are required to meet customer needs, multiple decision makers are involved.

The Participant Booklet includes scoring instructions, complete sales model, and action planning. The Facilitator Guide contains administrative guidelines, theoretical background, a sample training design, and downloading instructions for a free Microsoft Powerpoint presentation.

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