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Team Leader Survey Participant Assessment

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Ann Burress, PhD

The Team Leader Survey provides leaders or potential leaders of self-managing teams with the opportunity to gain a clear understanding of their skill level in interacting with their teams. The Survey is a 360° feedback tool. That is, leaders not only evaluate themselves but may also receive feedback from the team members they lead, their peers, and/or their managers.
Leaders will learn useful information about themselves, recognize some of their strengths, identify some areas they want to change, and commit to specific action plans to aid in their development. In addition, the entire survey process can open the lines of communication between the leader and others in the organization.
The Team Leader Survey was developed through research with self-managing team leaders. A job analysis provided the starting point for the project. The research was conducted with a manufacturing organization in the Southwestern United States. The leaders participating in the project were the equivalent of middle managers and first-level supervisors in traditional organizations.

The perfect companion to the Mars Surface Rover–Leadership Version, the Team Leader Survey assesses team-leadership skills across six categories: Communication, Thinking Skills, Administration, Influence Skills, Interpersonal Skills, and Change Management. Complete the training with anonymous feedback from peers, team members and/or managers with the Feedback Form.


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