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Manager's Pocket Guide to Innovation

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Richard Brynteson

Innovation is necessary – for your survival and your organization’s. But the process is fraught with obstacles. How can you keep yourself and your team moving forward? You start with this how-to guide to innovation written specifically for today’s busy manager.
This quick-read is full of practical, easy-to-implement techniques that will help you avoid the unending details and stops and starts, distractions that cause your focus to shift, false starts and market shifts that lead you down the wrong path and steep learning curves that slow the process down.

The author doesn’t waste any time. In this crisp and succinct book, he focuses on doing just a few important things – including keeping close to the customer, creating a culture of openness, adopting a mindset of flexibility and inquiry, and collaborating creatively.

Seven chapters cover it all:

–        Why innovation is necessary

–        Innovative traits and thinking skills

–        Characteristics of an innovative culture

–        Understanding and focusing on the customer

–        The process of innovation

–        Techniques for creative collaboration

–        Basic techniques for getting started

 Plus, each chapter contains additional sections that suggest ways to practice innovation, highlight a book or video that explores the chapter’s theme, summarizes key points and presents questions for taking the pulse of your organization.

In no time, you’ll learn what innovation looks like and the mindsets that facilitate innovation. You’ll understand how to create an organizational environment that moves innovation forward and how the customer must be the center of innovation efforts. You’ll also explore the processes through which ideas become marketable products and services, gain ideas that will aid groups in making innovation happen and discover new arenas in innovation to look for in the future.

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