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Job Analysis at the Speed of Reality

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Darin E. Hartley, M.Ed.

The benefits of this highly streamlined job analysis process include: gathering job data quickly (normally 2-3 hours), making job-based training recommendations rapidly, saving money on costly consultants for job analysis, using a consistent process across the organization and creating validated task lists that can be used for job re-design and workforce deployment.

The modern work environment is fluid and dynamic. Keeping accurate and up-to-date job analysis is vital to the health of any organization, whether it is to assess training needs or to know how and where to make cutbacks if needed. Job Analysis at the Speed of Reality is the tool you need to keep your job analysis on track. Gone are the days of job analysis spanning months: the longer an analysis takes to complete, the quicker the data acquired become invalid. Job Analysis at the Speed of Reality details a streamlined, business-oriented job analysis process that is sound enough to be used as the basis for performance-based behavioral change. The benefits to the new process outlined in this book include:

  • Gathering job data quickly (normally 2-3 hours or even less)
  • Creating validated task lists that can be used in a variety of ways
  • Making job-based training recommendations rapidly
  • Customizing training to specific performance measures
  • Ensuring that training impacts on-the-job performance
  • Saving money on costly consultants for job analysis
  • Using a repeatable, consistent process across an organization

Why Trainers need to use and promote the JASR method:

  • Specific performance measures can be identified to target with training
  • Learning objectives can incorporate be designed to address real performance gaps
  • Soft skills training can be linked to performance outcomes
  • Training can be customized to ensure there is an impact on performance.
  • Saving money on costly consultants for job analysis

The first portion of the book deals with the theory of job analysis, which leads into the Field Book in the second portion which includes a facilitator guide, templates, materials checklist and setup, a glossary of terms and acronym list, a job analysis internet resource guide, references, and a bibliography.

Selected Contents

  • Job Analysis Nightmares
  • An Overview of Job Analysis at the Speed of Reality (JASR)
  • A Review of Job Analysis Methods
  • The JASR Method: So, How Can I Create a Valid Task List in Two Hours?
  • JASR Products and Uses
  • Facilitation Tips for the JASR Method
  • Summary and a Peek into the Future
  • The JASR Fieldbook

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