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Selling With INSIGHT

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Patrick Handley, Ph.D.

Improve your selling skills by better understanding yourself and others using the INSIGHT Inventory.

This new selling system uses the INSIGHT Inventory to help increase sales effectiveness. It will help participants to understand themselves and others better and to use this understanding to improve interpersonal relationships with customers. This makes it possible for salespeople to reduce the interpersonal tension that often develops from style differences between themselves and their customers and to create open, honest dialogue. Sales representatives will be able to uncover customer needs and accurately match them with the most appropriate products and services.

The Selling with INSIGHT System includes:

  • One INSIGHT Inventory for the user to complete

  • Seven pages of interpretation information for the INSIGHT Inventory

  • Four skill-building activities

  • One action planning worksheet

Participants will learn:

  • Their primary style preferences and how these affect their behavior

  •  How they may behave when under stress and how selling situations can bring out this altered behavior

  • How their styles impact their communications and sales approach with their customers

  • How they are likely to be perceived by their customers, both positively and negatively

  • How to flex their styles to sell more effectively to customers with similar styles

  • How to flex their styles to sell more effectively to customers with different styles

  • Strategies for dealing with difficult customers.

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