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Dynamic Feedback Participant Activity

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Participant Activity

Giving Successful Feedback Effective team members have learned the important secret of being able to give each other direct and honest feedback. They know that this type of communication is essential for the team to successfully achieve its potential and optimize performance. Yet, experience shows us that most people find it difficult to give or receive feedback. Overcoming Performance Blockages Have you ever worked with teams where members constantly complain about another team member behavior, but do nothing about it The root of many issues in a team is one member misperception of another members motivation for a particular, usually irritating, behavior. Dynamic Feedback helps resolve this type of performance blockage. Using Dynamic Feedback Dynamic Feedback is a powerful tool that enables team members to give each other important feedback without the problems associated with performance rating scales. Through a series of facilitated activities, individual team members are evaluated on their contribution to best-practice teamwork. This evaluation is completed by other individual team members and leads to a series of structured one-to-one feedback discussions. This activity encourages team members to give direct honest feedback as a basis for Personal Action Plans, as well as a Team Action Plan. The Dynamic Feedback Facilitator Guide provides comprehensive notes for facilitating the program, including a session-by-session outline. Overhead Masters are also provided. Product format: Instrument. Duration: 4-6 hours. Suitable for: Intact work teams.

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