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The Complete Guide to Wellness

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Richard Bellingham, Ed.D.

A systems approach to building a healthy organization
Lifestyle Possibilities: Assessments & Intervention

The Complete Guide to Wellness is the culmination of over 20 years of applied research in over 100 companies. The materials in this book were first tested in hospital settings under physician supervision and were later implemented in companies with leading behavioral psychologists and organizational change experts. The training modules contained in this book have been used successfully by hundreds of thousands of employees in companies such as AT&T, Southwestern Bell, and Ford Motor Company. The results from these interventions have been published in numerous journals including the Journal of the American Medical Association. This book incorporates recent findings from behavioral medicine, cultural medicine, organizational behavior, and medical research.

The Complete Guide to Wellness includes all the reproducible materials you need to run either a self-study or group program on any of the topics covered. The Lifestyles Possibilities Assessment is a full-screen assessment that correlates to the workshop, so you know which topic is the most important to start with.

Teach employees how to live healthier, more innovative and more productive lives and get performance improvements that impact your bottom line.

The Complete Guide to Wellness provides a systematic approach to helping employees make positive changes in their habits and lifestyle and grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

This book is an invaluable resource for organizations, organized into four sections chock-full of practical advice and information:

  • Assessment looks at risk factors employees may want to change
  • Risk reduction focuses on modifying behaviors
  • Health enhancement gets employees started on the road to optimizing their lifestyle
  • Summary and transition identifies pitfalls to avoid, things to change and cultural considerations


Section I: Assessment

Lifestyle Possibilities: Orientation

Section II: Risk Reduction; Keeping the Killers from Precluding Your Possibilities

Stop Smoking
Weight Control
Cholesterol Reduction
Blood Pressure Control
Stress Management
Present-Moment Thinking
Low-Back Care

Section III: Health Enhancement; Optimizing Your Possibilities

Fitness Primer
Interpersonal Communication
Managing Change
Creative Thinking
Job Satisfaction
A Healthy Home

Section IV: Summary and Transition

Summary and Transition

Each chapter can be used as a workbook by a structured class or individually for self-study. The book includes demonstrations, practices, exercises and homework presented in an easy-to-follow format that makes learning new skills easy.

Complete assessment and 16 training modules–fully reproducible! 

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