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A Compendium of Ice Breakers, Energizers, and Introductions

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Andy Kirby

Select from 75 quick exercises to break down barriers, increase motivation, and provide the best possible start to your training program. Compiled by a team of five trainers with a wide variety of experience, the games represent a rich mixture of styles and an extensive range of approaches. There is an index of activities by objective to help you choose the most appropriate activity for your application and fully reproducible participant materials are included to save you hours of preparation time.

Training Objectives

  • Break the ice
  • Liven-up sluggish sessions
  • Motivate participants
  • Switch attention
  • Prepare participants for the training at hand

Selected Contents

  • Active Relaxation
  • Anagrams
  • Blind Balloon Relay
  • Ego Ideal
  • House and Garden

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