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First Aid for Stress

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Roy Bailey

34 Activities for Managing Stress in the Workplace

The statistics are staggering. Recent reports estimate job stress will cost United States industry $300 billion annually, as assessed by absenteeism; diminished productivity; employee turnover; and direct medical, legal, and insurance fees. So why are employees so stressed? How can stress be managed — or even translated into something productive?

First Aid for Stress provides a starting point to help you better understand stress and identify solutions for individuals, teams, and the organization. The activities offer a variety of ways to recognize and measure stress, change perceptions and behaviors, and lend support in the workplace.
Uses for First Aid for Stress

This activity collection offers a well-rounded approach to stress management that can benefit individuals, teams, and organizations in any industry:

Part I is an extensive discussion about stress, including:

  • An introduction of well-known models for understanding stress
  • Key causes of stress within organizations and how to identify them
  • Possible stress management solutions
  • An approach to managing stress in the workplace that is based on an understanding of stress, the workplace, and the people within it.

Part II consists of 34 activities that:

  • Measure the ongoing stress of individuals and groups
  • Provide coping strategies
  • Explore ways to prevent and avoid the situations that generate stress

Product Contents

  • In-depth background information on stress management
  • Purpose statement for each activity
  • Step-by-step facilitator guidelines
  • Summary of activities
  • List of figures and tables
  • Evaluation of Popular Stress Management Strategies
  • Reproducible participant materials
  • CD-ROM containing reproducible handouts

Activities include:

  • Observing Stressful Behavior
  • The TFB Model of Stress
  • Stress Arousal
  • Job Stress/Satisfaction
  • Stress Check
  • Demands and Coping Profile
  • Stress Management Interviewing
  • Coping Through Colors
  • Coping Through Collage
  • Emotional Reprocessing
  • Progressive Relaxation
  • Visual Focusing
  • Meditating to Manage Stress
  • Balanced Breathing
  • The Art of Reframing
  • The Sweet Smell of Success
  • Linguistic Imperatives
  • The Power of Self-Talk
  • The Mind-Body Stretch
  • Stress Rehearsal
  • Comeback Copy
  • Higher and Lower Self
  • Relationships and Responsibility
  • Cafeteria Coping
  • Team Coping
  • Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
  • Overcoming Anger
  • Coping Networks
  • Guiding Decisions
  • Releasing Resentment
  • Defending Yourself
  • Making Requests
  • Refusing Requests
  • “SMART” Stress Plans

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