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Walking the Empowerment Tightrope

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Robert P. Crosby

Find the balance between empowered work groups and appropriate leadership strategies with this provocative book. A comprehensive mix of learning exercises, action plans, and behavioral theory, Walking the Empowerment Tightrope focuses on 25 cognitive and behavioral factors identified as key to the development of high group performance. Also included are appendices that offer information on such related topics as self-managing teams, effective facilitation, organizational roles, and problem solving.

Chapter Highlights:

  •       Empowerment and High Performance
  •       The 25 High Performance Factors
  •       Action Ideas for the 25 Factors
  •       Focus on System Change, Not Individual Change
  •       Survey Feedback: Turning Data Into Action

Without clear authority, no one is empowered, not the manager, the staff, or the hourly worker. Yet, all need to be empowered--appropriately. Industrial sabatoge, apathy, and the failure to identify quality issues are unproductive uses of power. A major problem in organizations is the exercise of either too much management authority or the other extreme--abdication. Authority must be balanced. Empowerment is really about helping people channel the power they have toward qualitative and productive ends.

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