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Peacock Profile

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Learning Goal:

To access and understand diversity from both a personal and organizations perspective.

Completion Time:

Instrument completion 25 minutes plus discussion time.

The Peacock Profile assess the individual's personal feelings and experiences within the organization.  It helps them explore how comfortable they feel in their group or organization as a whole.

Individuals examine their feelings in 5 areas to discover their "Peacock Quotient" (measure of perceived organizational fit):

  • Work Style
  • Relationships
  • Mastery
  • Career Optimism
  • Policies & Operation

The PP provides feedback to help individuals understand their scores.  The included action planning guide can be sued to develop a strategy where the individual can help create an environment which support them being and doing their best. 

Also Available:

Diversity Workshop Facilitator Guide -X815/X816G - $199.50 ea

Diversity Workshop Facilitator Guide
The Diversity Workshop Facilitator Guide (DWFG) is a powerful training resource that is design to assist consultants, human resource professionals, line managers, and/or executives in conducting a workshop using the Peacock and Penguins series of training materials.

The 4 training designs (ranging from a 2-hour session to a full day workshop) include: understanding diversity as a source of innovation and creativity; planning improvements for interacting with individuals who are "different"; helping individuals recognize, appreciate, and make use of differences; TQM and diversity-assessing management practices and re-energizing efforts to make fuller use of both.

Sample agendas, exercises, and quick tips for using the Peacock Profile and/or the Penguin Index in training seminars are included, along with designs of using the supporting book, entitled "A Peacock In The Land of Penguins." This guide also presents some of the assumptions and values on which the Penguin Index and Peacock Profile are based.

The DWFG also includes:

  • Presentation Materials
  • Coaching, Survey, and Training Applications
  • Overhead Transparency Masters
  • Handouts & Worksheets

Supporting Materials: 

  • Quick Tips for Using Instruments
  • Facilitator Emergency Tool Kit
  • Peacock Profile
  • Penguin Index 

Peacock in the Land of Penguins Soft Cover Book - X817 - $23.95 ea 

A Peacock In The Land Of Penguins: A Tale of Diversity and Discovery

This engaging corporate fable, based on the experiences of real people, is a tale of the perils and possibilities of being different in a world that values comfort, safety and the predictability of conformity. This book shows that being different is much more than a matter or race or gender, work style, perceptions, and attitude, values and lifestyles, communication style and much more.

It explores the idea that truly valuing diversity means appreciating and encouraging people to be who they truly are, helping them to develop to their full potential, and utilizing their special talents, skills, and ideas and creativity.

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