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Change Management Readiness Survey

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Identify obstacles to your change initiative before it's too late

How can you ensure that the major organizational change you are planning–to your structure, strategy, operations, production, or culture–will be successful?
Begin the change process with this intense diagnostic of your organization's capacity to change. You can bring problems to light, build commitment to change, gain company-wide support, improve communication and increase your chances of success–quickly and cost-effectively. Do your homework upfront so that your change dollars pay off.

The user-friendly survey is designed for change leaders, organizational leaders and managers, and consultants who are not simply tinkering, but changing organizations in powerful ways.
Often these change leaders only see part of the picture. This tool will give you a valuable "big picture" view of how a cross-section of senior managers and staff, middle mangers and staff throughout your organization view the change process.

Participants will be asked to respond to a brief, 50-statement questionnaire. The results will clearly reveal your organization's strengths and weaknesses in five critical areas of change management:

  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Organizational alignment
  • Implementation and execution

Do your employees believe your organization is focused on the most important priorities? Do they see senior leadership as well functioning team? Do they think you currently have the talent in place to successfully accomplish this change initiative?

By gathering and synthesizing input into these and other issues, this survey will be an essential ingredient in your change effort process.

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