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A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting an Effective Mentoring Program

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Norman H. Cohen, Ph.D

A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting an Effective Mentoring Program is a comprehensive and practical reference for coordinators who are introducing or revising programs based on the mentoring model of adult learning in the workplace. The expert guidance in the Guide will enable administrators to approach the development of one-to-one programs

These include:

  • Confident and factually informed advocates for genuine and productive workplace mentoring programs
  • Realistic and knowledgeable planners who provide both mentors and mentees with the opportunity to fully participate in the dynamic experience of collaborative learning.

The book has been designed to serve as a well-organized and readily accessible handbook. With careful attention to the realities of the contemporary work environment, A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting an Effective Mentoring Program logically details the four major steps required to start and manage a meaningful mentoring program. The full range and depth of topics that is covered by the material is demonstrated by the following list of selected contents:Selected Contents:


  • Adult Psychological Basis
  • Mentor and Mentee Development
  • Complimentary Roles
  • Unified Source of Information
  • Organization of Contents
  • Self-Contained Approach
  • Reference to other Material

Step One:

  • Understanding the Coordinator's Responsibilities
  • Construct a Realistic Plan
  • Develop Operational Guidance
  • Conduct a Proactive Program
  • Coordinate with Mentees' Supervisors
  • Evaluate the Results

Step Two:

  • Identifying Participants
  • Establish Institutional Priorities
  • Determine Mentee Entry Route

Step Three:

  • Conducting the Matching Process
  • Purpose of the Match
  • The Subject of Preferences
  • Concentrate on Opportunities for Learning

Step Four:

  • Orientation and Training
  • Develop Mentoring Skills
  • Conduct a Special Orientation for Supervisors

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