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Learning Points: 100 Activities and Actions for E-Communications Excellence

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Peter R. Garber


Today's information age presents new and bewildering communication challenges for both organizations and employees. Unfortunately, there is no single user's manual to turn to when feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of these applications or unsure how to best utilize them.

Learning Points: 100 Actions and Activities for E-Communications Excellence will prepare anyone to communicate professionally and productively when using voice mail, virtual meetings, electronic calendars, e-mail, and cellular phones to get things done. The book even covers cubicles—and how to minimize the communication challenges when sharing limited space with others.

These fun, engaging, and easy-to-use activities take only minutes to complete. Each activity contains a wealth of tips, lessons, instructions, and advice to help you...

  • Get to the point when leaving a voice mail
  • Use the Web for virtual meetings
  • Plan a successful telephone conference
  • Use electronic calendars to schedule instant meetings
  • Recall an e-mail that contain mistakes
  • Avoid improper e-mails
  • Overcome privacy problems in cubicles
  • Head off potential problems with camera phones
  • Deal with cell phone calls that come in at inopportune times
  • And much more

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