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Insight Inventory Self/Team New Version Online Assessment

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Patrick Handley, Ph D

Strengths-based Personality Profile Assessment

Our Assessment Center electronically scores the INSIGHT Inventory and generates our eINSIGHT Inventory personality profile reports online. It provides a feature-rich admin platform for trainers and facilitators to manage their accounts and profile results.

  • Manage participants and groups easily with customized group setup.
  • Organize groups by division, department, session title, training date or any other criteria you find useful by using the folders and sub-folders feature.
  • Assign the INSIGHT Inventory personality profile report(s) and create an access code for the group’s participants to register and complete the INSIGHT Inventory online.
  • Allow access to results immediately or control the release to participants
  • View and print reports on demand


INSIGHT Inventory Observer Report

Take self-discovery to a deeper, more intuitive level.

The INSIGHT Inventory Observer Report helps individuals learn how other people view them compared to their own self-perception. It offers a positive and non-threatening environment to discuss the differences and similarities between the profiles. The open dialogue increases self-awareness and strengthens and creates more productive relationships.

INSIGHT Inventory Observer Feedback

Insight Inventory Observer:   $12.20 PER REPORT 


INSIGHT Inventory Team Map

Team Member’s INSIGHT Inventory Profile Shapes on One Chart

Engage teams in better communication and effectiveness
The INSIGHT Inventory Team Map provides a visual overview of a team’s INSIGHT Inventory profile results on one chart. Team members visually see each member’s profiles and the similarities and differences and gaps or clusters. This creates open discussions around team dynamics; how it impacts the team and strategies for better communication and improved team effectiveness.

A Team Map requires each member complete one of our INSIGHT Inventory Self profiles first and then a Team Map can be generated for the team.

INSIGHT Inventory Team Map:  $27.15 per Report 



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