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Conflict Style Inventory Participant Instrument

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Dr. Marshall Sashkin

Conflict isn't always a negative influence in teams and organizations. This instrument assesses individual approaches to conflict and shows how to make conflict a constructive, rather than destructive, force in your workplace. This revised and improved edition includes new scales to measure team's approach to conflict as well as each individual's approach.

The instrument consists of 10 vignettes which describe realistic workplace conflicts. For each vignette, participants are presented with five possible responses to the conflict, and are instructed to indicate which ones most closely describe how they would actually deal with the situation. The results give respondents an accurate assessment and understanding of their own natural approaches to dealing with conflict, and provide a starting point for developing the skills necessary to begin managing conflict constructively.

An accompanying Trainer's Guide provides explanations of each vignette and discussion of typical responses to each. It also includes workshop designs, lectures, overhead transparency masters, norms, and references.



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