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Learning From Conflict 2nd Edition

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Lois B. Hart

Learning From Conflict offers ready-to-use, fully reproducible activities for training in recognizing and resolving the major causes of conflict.

The structure of the book is derived from Dr. Hart's Learning From Conflict Model, a simple, clear model that gives basic guidelines for applying its techniques to the specific needs of the participants. Instructors will learn how to help others accurately name their patterns of conflict, understand their reactions, identify the causes, prevent conflicts from developing and escalating, and apply conflict resolution techniques.

Learning From Conflict is written for trainers, facilitators, team leaders, and educators. The numerous, fully reproducible sample training designs, case studies, and activities can be applied in a variety of training situations, including communication, supervision, and interpersonal relationships.


  1. Learning from Conflict
  2. Planning Your Workshop
  3. Teaching about Conflict
  4. Getting Started Conflict
  5. Naming Conflicts
  6. Reacting to Conflicts
  7. Searching for Causes of Conflict
  8. Preventing Conflicts
  9. Resolving Conflicts
  10. Planning for Conflicts

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