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Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument - Participant Instrument

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Kenneth W.Thomas and Ralph H. Kilmann
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Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)

The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument is the world’s leading tool for helping people understand how different conflict-handling styles affect interpersonal and group dynamics and for empowering them to choose the appropriate style for any situation.

It assesses an individual’s typical behavior in conflict situations, describes it in terms of assertiveness and cooperativeness and provides detailed information about how to effectively use five different conflict-handling styles, or modes.


How the TKI Instrument Helps

The assessment is ideal for:

  • Conflict Management — identifying different conflict-handling styles and how to choose the appropriate style for any situation

  • Team Building — improving team functioning by helping members reconcile differences and work together more effectively

  • Leadership Development — enhancing leaders conflict management skills

  • Performance Improvement — helping to eliminate barriers to effective performance

  • Stress Reduction — giving employees the tools and capacity to identify and manage workplace stress

  • Retention — helping employees be successful, improve morale, and stay engaged in order to build a stronger organization and retain the best talent


Why the TKI Instrument is so Popular

The tool is the leading conflict management assessment because:

  • It facilitates learning to use 5 practical, situation-specific styles for effectively dealing with conflict (Competing, Collaborating, Compromising, Avoiding, and Accommodating)

  • Helps trainers, managers, and other professionals open productive one-on-one and group discussions around conflict

  • It reflects today’s gender, racial, ethnic, age, and job-level diversity in the workplace — based on an updated normative sample

  • It's quick and easy to understand. 30 items takes just 15 minutes. 

  • It requires no special training or certification to administer

  • Is backed by excellent support and guidance


What the TKI Assessment Measures

The assessment measures the preferences for five conflict handling styles called conflict modes: Competing, Collaborating, Compromising, Avoiding, and Accommodating. These conflict modes are described along two dimensions: Assertiveness: the extent to which a person tries to satisfy their own concerns; and Cooperativeness: the extent to which they try to satisfy the concerns of another person.


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