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50 Activities for Achieving Change

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Barry Fletcher with Anne Bell, John Buttery

Complete selection of training activities for teaching others the process of accepting change, demonstrating the need for change, reducing conflict, improving communication skills and more.

Training Objectives:

  • Outline the process of accepting change
  • Demonstrate the need for change
  • Reduce conflict
  • Improve communication skills

Activities Cover:

  • Change in the workplace
  • Accepting change
  • Developing goals for change
  • Understanding change
  • Change and self-development

Training Methods


  • 25 activities involve group discussions
  • 13 questionnaires and instruments highlight current perceptions and identify resistance to change
  • 6 role-play scenarios aid the transfer of learning from the workshop to the workplace
  • 6 written exercises provide an opportunity to express personal thoughts, and reactions to change


Time Guidelines

35 activities take 1 to 3 hours
15 activities take 3 or more hours

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