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50 Activities for Self Directed Teams

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Glenn M. Parker

Comes complete with learning objectives, facilitator guidance, and reproducible materials.

Implement successful self-managed teams in your organization. This collection of proven training exercises has been tested and refined in actual team training sessions, and covers all aspects of team development, including mutual goal setting, managing team stagnation, and developing team norms. The activities encourage active participation and feedback from participants and come complete with all the necessary questionnaires, exercises, and handouts.

Activities cover

  • Building trust
  • Group problem solving
  • Assessing team effectiveness
  • Improving team meetings
  • Intergroup team building
  • Resolving conflict

Training Objectives

  • Determine if empowerment fits into an organizations current culture
  • Assess a teams readiness for self-direction
  • Motivate a team and set it into action
  • Prepare a team to receive delegated authority


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