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Assessment of Organizational Readiness for Mentoring

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Norman H. Cohen, Ph.D

The Assessment of Organizational Readiness for Mentoring contains twelve inventories designed to assist coordinators in determining the overall status of preparation and receptivity before launching a mentoring program. Collectively, the inventories highlight and record the essential decisions that must be made in the formative stages of planning.

12 Inventories:

  • Mentees
  • Mentors
  • Matching of Participants
  • Program Operation
  • Plan of Program Meetings
  • General Informational Meetings
  • Seminars for Supervisors
  • Orientation Sessions--Mentors
  • Orientation Sessions--Mentees
  • Training Seminars--Mentors
  • Training Seminars--Mentees
  • Evaluation

As decision makers, coordinators should view the process of completing the inventories as a pragmatic opportunity to genuinely create a mentoring program which truly reflects the employee development philosophy of the organization.

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