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Facing the Tiger DVD Workshop

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John Schere

Do you work with individuals or teams; or even larger organizational units; where unresolved conflict is present, and you are exploring how to be a force for positive change in the situation?

If so, Facing the Tiger is for you. This new interactive DVD-based training workshop can make a noticeable difference in the way people see and respond to conflicts when they occur. It has helped thousands of people; and it can help you, your colleagues, and your organization; experience the power and value of conflict utilization and how to release the untapped potential present in every conflict! 

Incredible Two DVD Set
Includes two DVDs, one Leader’s Guide, and five Participant Workbooks.

Part One
The Pinch Theory: Making Conflict Constructive
This segment of the program explores why conflict exists and is inevitable in any dynamic relationship. It illustrates strategies for recognizing when conflict situations may arise and how to reorient potential problems. 

Part Two
The Three Worlds: Communication Breakthroughs at Work

In this portion of the program you will learn a proven five-step process for addressing conflict so that the conflict goes to work 
for you, creating a new way of seeing things that respects both points of view and generates breakthroughs in understanding and effectiveness. 

Complete Package includes:

  • 3-ring binder with 2 DVDs and five participant workbooks

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