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INSIGHT Inventory New Version Self/Team

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Patrick Handley, Ph.D.

New Revised Insight Inventory 

The best-selling Insight Inventory has been updated to include both self and team based interpretative content. The Insight Inventory provides all you need to evaluate and improve individual and group communication. Each booklet contains a scoring sheet and grid as well as full 16-page interpretive section with activities. 

It includes a breakdown of trait preferences and appropriate "flex" points, allowing for quick administration and comprehension of scoring outputs. You'll learn:

  • About your personality strengths
  • How to flex your style to communicate better
  • Strategies for working more productively on teams
  • Many additional ways to increase your personal effectiveness. 


Insight, is fun, easy to use, powerful, and a perfect instrument for improving individual and team communication and productivity.

The INSIGHT Inventory, a strengths-based personality assessment, provides a positive foundation for coaching and talent development.

The personality profiles it generates focus on strengths and gives users a common, positive language to discuss differences, improve communication, maximize their individual performance, and increase team engagement.


Early in his leadership training career, Dr. Handley was conducting a training session using another popular personality test. One of his participants looked at her personality type results and remarked that “this isn’t how I behave all of the time, and certainly not on this team” and she didn't want to share her results during the team-building session. This comment and reluctance to participate fully, led Dr. Handley to question the usefulness of tests that put people in a box. Consequently he began research into an assessment that identified trait tendencies in different settings and emphasized how environmental pressures impact behavior.

He turned to Kurt Lewin’s field theory, Cattell's factor analysis, and Allport's trait identification as the foundation of a new assessment, the INSIGHT Inventory.

Key Difference: Field Theory 

The application of Field Theory is the key difference between the INSIGHT Inventory and other personality assessments. Field theory holds that behavior is a function of the interaction between personality within an environment. B=f(PxE) Therefore, people can’t be fully understood until their behavior is assessed in different settings such as work and home. This reveals more about the unique person rather than restraining them to a box, quadrant, color or box.

The Four traits:

Four Personality Traits How you express thoughts, present ideas, and assert yourself

Four Personality Traits  How you approach and respond to others, particularly groups

Four Personality Traits  The speed at which you make decisions and take action    

Four Personality Traits  How you structure time, organize tasks, and handle details

Profile Shapes:

The Influence of Environment

The INSIGHT Inventory provides two personality profiles; one for work behavior and one for personal style. This helps individuals explore what influences behavior in different settings.

Personality Profile Chart

Features & Benefits:

Positive and Strengths-based

The INSIGHT Inventory is positive and strengths-based. It makes it easier for people to share and talk about their profiles. This promotes positive dialogue and interaction between team members.

Conversational Language

The INSIGHT Inventory was designed to avoid labels, codes, colors, quadrants, or EQ ratings that had to be memorized or interpreted. Instead it uses every day terminology. This gives people positive, user-friendly terms to use when discussing their strengths with others. This is called “conversational language” because the results can be used immediately when discussing what was learned with others without the need for explanation.

Considers Environment

Instead of labeling people and trying to predict behavior, the INSIGHT Inventory emphasizes that behavior may change from one situation to another. Participants describe their behavior in two different environments, work and personal, and receive two profiles. This helps uncover the whole person by looking at peoples’ behavior in different settings and their range of flexibility. This serves as a spring board to discuss more specific environments such as team membership, dynamics with their leaders or subordinates, family patterns, etc.

Acknowledges Stress

Stress and triggers can cause people to move out of their strengths, overuse their styles, and often leads to conflict. Learning to recognize when they are getting pulled away from their strengths and creating an action plan to alleviate the reaction, keeps them on the path to success.

Answers the “So What” Question

“So what do I do with this information about my personality traits?” The INSIGHT Inventory answers the “so what” question; it focuses users on the tasks of learning how to understand and use their personality traits to work better with others and create more effective relationships. It moves users from self-discovery to skill practice.

Goes Beyond Self

Using the Observer Feedback people learn the importance of how their behavioral style comes across to others. They discover that even in good relationships misconceptions about their styles occur. When they recognize and understand people’s perceptions, and learn to adapt their style to others, they will communicate better and strengthen relationships.

Facilitator Centre:

Dr. Handley’s goal is to help you conduct training sessions that impact your participants and develop their skills.

He has launched the INSIGHT Facilitator Center that gives you access to all the training guides, tools, and videos that you need to succeed without kit fees, subscriptions, or license fees.



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