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Learning Preference Assessment Workbook

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Dr. Lucy M. Guglielmino and Dr. Paul J. Guglielmino

Includes 1 print Expanding Your Readiness for Self-Directed Learning Workbook. Order one Workbook for each individual. 

Workbook Table of Contents:

  • Before You Begin

  • How to Use This Workbook

  • Activity One:  Reflecting on Past Self-Directed Learning Projects

  • Reading One:  Self-Directed Learning – A Definition

  • Activity Two:  Self-Directed vs Other-Directed Learning

  • Reading Two: Self-Directed learning:  A Must Skill in the Information Age

  • Reading Three: How to Prepare a Self-Directed Learning Plan

  • Self-Directed Learning Plan – Chart

  • Activity Four: Exploring Resources for Self-Directed Learning

  • Activity Five: Preparing a Self-Directed Learning Plan Based on a Scenario

  • Activity Six: Preparing Your Own Self-Directed Learning Plan

  • Reading Four: Looking Ahead

  • Bibliography

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