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Management Styles Questionnaire Self Assessment

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Are you a Theory X manager . . . or a Theory Y manager? Unleash a motivation model as powerful today as it was over 40 years ago

The Management Styles Questionnaire will shed new light on your management style using Douglas McGregor’s two highly influential ways of viewing people's motivation in the workplace:

  • Theory X assumes people are lazy, dislike and shun work, lack ambition, dislike responsibility and prefer to be led.
  • Theory Y assumes people have a psychological need to work, and want achievement and responsibility.

The simple, 30-question assessment provides a valuable picture of how you prefer to deal with things in the workplace, particularly your attitude and relationships with other people. There are no wrong or right answers—the Management Styles Questionnaire is an assessment, not a test.

Included is a guide to how Theory X style managers and Theory Y style managers are likely to perform in 12 management competencies drawn from the Managerial Assessment of Proficiency or MAP assessment.

Areas covered include:

  • Time management and prioritizing
  • Setting goals and standards
  • Planning and scheduling work
  • Identifying and solving problems
  • Making decisions and weighing risk
  • Thinking clearly and analytically


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