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Manager's Pocket Guide to Workplace Coaching

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Daniel A. Feldman

This HR guide is designed to help people become better managers. Today, the key skills for managing subordinates are coaching skills: Setting goals, providing constructive feedback, motivating and developing employees in a participative environment.

When a person is elevated to a management position, it is usually because he or she has done well at mastering the prerequisite technical skills. While knowledge of the technical side of the job is important, it doesn't provide guidance for effectively managing subordinates.

This guide will help managers recognize the importance of assuming the role of coach while managing subordinate personnel. Approach your role of coach in the optimal way.

  • Learn the key elements of the coaching process
  • Develop the different skills that foster good coaching communication
  • Identify the many forums available for coaching employees

Coaching employees to develop their skills helps not only the employee, but also the manager, the team, and the organization.

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