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Meeting Effective Questionnaire Participant Booklet

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Laura Pyle, Ph. D

The Meeting Effectiveness Questionnaire (MEQ) is a self-scoring instrument that is filled out by all meeting attendees immediately following a meeting. It allows a group to identify five key areas that can make or break a meeting which include:

  • Purpose
  • Attendees
  • Tme Utilization
  • Discussion Quality
  • Desired Outcomes

It provides a meeting effectiveness score, and a process for discussing these problems in an objective, productive way and offers concrete prescriptions for improvement. After identifying pitfalls, participants set improvement goals for the next meeting. The questionnaire can be used again for two consecutive meetings.

MEQ is designed primarily for "action-oriented" meetings where interactive discussion takes place, ideas are exchanged and discussions are made. It can be used by a line manager, human resources professional, trainer, consultant, meeting facilitator or meeting attendee.

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