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Meeting Smart

Meeting Smart

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Meeting Smart is a tool designed to teach participants how to make meetings more effective by concentrating on the basics of meeting management. It uses a simulation format that easily engages participants in the process and allows for easy application to the work setting. It outlines a five-step strategic facilitation model: Define, Plan, Organize, Conduct and Evaluate.

Like other simulations, Meeting Smart asks participants to first solve the probelm individually and then as a group using consensus decision making. This allows participants to learn not only how to run effective meetings, but also how to work more effectively as a team. Particiapnts rank items from the strategic facilitation model that includes steps in the process of preparing, running, and evaluating a meeting. 


  • Learn about obstacles to meeting effectiveness
  • Use as part of meeting-effectiveness training and team building training
  • Examine a group's problem-solving and decision making process
  • Apply a working model for effective meetings. 

The Storyline

You work for a building products company that manufactures, services, and provides technical support for specialty products for the home and office. Your company, prior to this year, has been considered a leader in the industry. However, statistics show that you are losing ground quickly. Upper management has asked each department to come up with a plan for cost-cutting initiatives. 

 The manager of your department just held a meeting with your team to get ideas for the plan, but ran his own agenda and had a very ineffective meeting. Everyone on the team is very frustrated and the manager knows that something must change. He invites someone to teach the group how to run more effective meetings, knowing that once they learn to work more effectively together, they will develop a better plan. Your team is now working with a trained facilitator and is asked to rank the steps involved in running an effective meeting. 

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