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The Mentee's Guide to Mentoring

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Norman H. Cohen, Ph.D

The Mentee's Guide to Mentoring offers practical guidance book in the art of establishing and maintaining productive interpersonal communication with mentors. Mentee's who are knowledgeable about the dynamics of the one-to-one mentoring relationship - especially from the perspective of the trained mentor - will be in a stronger position to directly contribute to a more effective utilization of time and energy during their own participation in a mentoring program.

The Guide is divided into 15 sections. Each section contains concise information about an important facet of the mentoring experience. As a unified approach to mentoring, the total work will provide mentees with a comprehensive overview of the one-to-one model of learning. In addition, a detailed subject index offers more precise assistance in locating specific topics.

Key Training Points for Mentees:

  • Understand the essential purpose and attainable goals of sponsored programs
  • Comprehend the responsibilities of persons who have been properly oriented and trained to function in the complete mentor role
  • Learn and apply the interpersonal skills typically required of both mentees and mentors
  • Anticipate internal and external problems normally inherent in mentoring-based development initiatives
  • Identify specific actions mentees can pursue as independent learners during the evolving phases of mentoring


Selected Contents

  • The Purpose of the Mentoring Process
  • The Matching Process
  • Maintaining a Mentee Journal
  • Policy of Using Mentors as References
  • Understanding the Complete Mentor Role
  • The Phases of Mentoring
  • Mentee Response to Mentoring Behavior

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