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Personal Stress Assessment Inventory Participant Instrument

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Herbert Kindler, Ph.D.

Participants score themselves on each of the following:

  • predisposition (ways of looking at life's events)
  • resilience (ability to bounce back or take care of themselves)
  • potential sources of stress (both work and non-work)
  • health symptoms
  • overall stress factor

High scores suggest approaching burnout; low scores suggest the possibility of

The Participant Workbook is an optional support item for the stress management workshop outlined in the Facilitator Guide.

It includes interactive materials, a relevant case study, and action plan guidelines.

The Facilitator Guide contains a suggested design for two sessions totaling six hours. It provides detailed administration, analysis, and debriefing guidelines for the PSAI and Participant Activity. It gives background information on the PSAI conceptual model and illustrates a number of stress management strategies and techniques.

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