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Principles of Adult Mentoring Facilitator Guide

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Dr. Cohen

The Leader's Guide to The Principles of Adult Mentoring provides facilitators with specific instructions for effectively integrating both the Mentoring Inventory and the Critique Form into a formal mentor training program.

The combined use of these instruments in continuing education seminars for mentors offers a particularly relevant approach to productive group sessions aimed at increasing behavioral competencies in the six mentoring dimensions.

As an overall guide, the book will also directly serve as a valuable resource for facilitators responsible for planning and conducting constructive professional development activities for mentors.

The Leader's Guide covers important information such as:

  • Mentoring in the Modern Workplace 
  • Continuing Education Seminars 
  • Use of Role Play 
  • Development of The Principles of Adult Mentoring Inventory 
  • Guide for a Mentor Training Program 
  • Mentor Critique Form - Comprehensive Version 
  • The Complete Mentor Role - Summary of Explanations: Essential Purpose and Core Definitions

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