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The Service Pro: Better Faster and Different Complete Workshop

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Rick Tate, Josh, Stroup

Turn conflict into positive change!

Create an organization of “Service Pros” and build a competitive advantage!

The Service Pro - Rick Tate & Josh Stroup

Overview: A comprehensive program targeting customer service IN’s and OUT’s, ideal for today’s competitive market. Program includes videos, stories, exercises, overheads, role-plays, and more for both managers and service personnel.

Key Benefits:

  • Build a sustainable, competitive advantage in your organization.
  • Teach your employees how to service your customers properly, at lightning speed.
  • Motivate your employees to make a sustainable commitment to your customers.

In short, The Service Pro provides the tools and techniques—and the all-important motivation—to raise service to levels that can give your organization a competitive edge.

Key Features:

  • Hard-hitting 1-day workshop for service personnel provides both the “why” it’s so important and the “how” training on key competencies.
  • Companion 1-day workshop for leaders is absolutely essential for managers who must understand the big picture and be able to align systems, support, and recognition to make superior service a competitive strategy.
  • Modular training design enables the trainer to adjust emphasis and work effectively within time constraints.


The Service Pro combines knowledge of customer situations with the latest consumer research to explore better ways to service your customer. The Service Pro is a comprehensive program with everything you need to turn your customer service personnel in to “Service Pros” who truly care that their customers have a great experience. They are passionate about servicing their customers. They will earn repeat business . . . drive in valuable referrals . . . enhance your industry reputation.

The Service Pro Program consists of five basic training modules and one supplementary module, along with a step-by-step Facilitator’s Guide with instructions for running each module.

Training for Everyone

The Service Pro: Better, Faster, and Different

Package includes:

  • Complete Facilitator’s Guide
  • Video
  • PowerPoint® Presentation
  • 5 Participant’s Workbooks
  • 5 copies of The Service Pro book

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