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The Trainers Handbook for Participative Learning

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Frederic H. Margolis, Bonnie J. Swan

Improve your ability to deliver quality training! The Trainer's Handbook for Participative Learning is written for people who are involved in participative training, which focuses on delivery skills (a multilateral approach to learning that engages participants) instead of platform skills (a unilateral approach to learning that involves speeches, lectures, and presentations). If you are new to the training field, this guide will help you develop the necessary skills to succeed; if you are an experienced trainer, this is an ideal tool to help you reinforce your skill base. The Trainer's Handbook for Participative Learning takes a preventive approach to the problems faced by trainers, and helps you recognize the causes of problems before they arise, rather than focusing on damage control once problems have occurred. This handbook also helps you maintain a good climate through every stage of the training process, which extends beyond the classroom environment. Included is a training checklist which will take you through the training preparation process from three weeks before to the day of the session. This is an ideal resource for trainers at every level of experience!

The Trainer's Handbook for Participative Learning is filled with tips, techniques, and checklists useful in adapting traditional training to a more effective participative style of delivery. Trainers will appreciate the impact of using a more engaging, facilitative approach to teaching. This multi-lateral training delivery style takes advantage of what a Facilitator can bring to the classroom setting. This book is a blueprint for getting away from lecture style training. 

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