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Value Centered Ethics

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Charles D. Kerns, Ph.D., MBA

What's all the fuss about ethics? Don't all of the really bad unethical managers go to jail? Why is this relevant to me? Why should I be ethical when everyone else cheats? How can I get ahead if I am always being honest?

Many managers today lack an understanding of the importance of ethical leadership in today's organizations. Yet how managers behave is the single most important factor in determining the level of ethical behavior in an organization.

The good news is that the practice of ethical leadership is teachable and doable. Value-Centered Ethics provides a framework and system to prepare you to face real-world ethical dilemmas and decision points in your daily work--so you can avoid ever being put on the hot seat of ethical inquiry.

Drawing from examples, checklists and tools, the book presents clear, accessible, and practical guidelines that leaders in organizations of all types and sizes can easily put to use.

You'll learn how effective managers:

  • Influence others with proven skills that enhance their people's perceptions that they are being treated ethically
  • Set ethically anchored direction for their organizations
  • Link resources with ethics in mind
  • Value-Centered Ethics contains 12 chapters covering a wide range of issues to help you sort through or create your own approach to ethical behavior.


Topics Include:

  • Specific things you can say and do to encourage ethical organizational behavior
  • Derailers that can cause an otherwise ethical person to transgress
  • A useful way to manage behavioral consequences of ethical as well as unethical conduct
  • Why you should care about ethics
  • How ethical behavior is shaped and maintained
  • How to develop behavioral standards to further influence ethical conduct
  • A proactive approach to handling ethical dilemmas


No doubt you will face ethical challenges in your career--all leaders do. If you keep this book close at hand, it will help you stay on course as you strive to shape the ethical behavior of those around you.


Key Lessons:

  • Managers need an internalized system of virtuous values, action roles, and behavioral standards to proactively respond to ethical challenges.
  • Good people can do bad things. The likelihood that you will be derailed diminishes if you have a value system guiding you.
  • Having good reasons to care will motivate you to follow the ethical course.
  • Virtuous values will make you less vulnerable to unethical temptations.
  • Using your interpersonal influence skills combined with virtuous values enables you to promote the practice of ethical leadership.
  • Managers have a responsibility to effectively communicate a clear and meaningful direction to their people.
  • Managers have a responsibility to focus their people on success.
  • Behavioral standards help provide concrete ways to "operationalize" your values.
  • Ethical behavior is best shaped and maintained by positive reinforcement.
  • Ethical behavior starts with you.

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