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What's My Communication Style? 4TH Edition Facilitator Guide

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Eileen Russo

The HRDQ Style Suite of assessments, classes and learning tools provide personal and team development learning experiences that bring about meaningful improvements in your organization. Based upon the work of William M. Marston, and often referred to as DISC, the HRDQ Style Model provides a simple and powerful model that learners can apply to how they communicate, lead others, manage time, learn, coach and sell. With the Style Suite you can effect a profound impact on the lives of individuals and teams in your organization.

Communication skills are critical if your organization is going to thrive, particularly during challenging times. You can dramatically improve communication skills by building a better understanding of personal styles and their effects on others. What's My Communication Style is a proven process that identifies an individual's dominant communication style and the communication behaviors that distinguish it, then helps individuals learn to flex their style with colleagues.

The What's My Communication Style Fourth Edition program includes an online/print assessment, online course, and classroom course and workbook.

The Facilitator Guide provides you with the tools you will need to lead a successful learning and development experience using the What’s My Communication Style assessment. It is organized into two parts. Part 1 provides information you'll need to familiarize yourself with the product. Part 2 contains detailed instructions for administering the assessment and leading the workshop. We have also provided sample copies of the Print Assessment and Workbook pages for your convenience.

The Facilitator Guide comes with 1 Style Model Wall Poster, 1 HRDQue Card and digital Facilitator Support Materials which are delivered straight to your inbox upon order completion. This includes a PowerPoint Presentation, Learning Overview, Theory Background, FAQ, Certificate of Achievement, Program Evaluation, and a sample copy of the Online Assessment Report.



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