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What's My Leadership Style? 3rd Edition Facilitator Guide

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Mary Blitzer Field

Includes one facilitator guide, one PERSONALITY STYLE AT WORK book, one PERSONALITY STYLE FOR DUMMIES book, sample participant materials, and PowerPoint presentation.

Facilitator Guide Table of Contents:

  • Overview of What’s My Leadership Style

  • Introduction

  • Administering What’s My Leadership Style 

  • Experiential Learning Methodology

  • Background Information

  • Technical Development

  • References

  • Optional Activities

  • Sample Training Design

  • Blank Training Outline

  • Related Materials from HRDQ

  • Certificate of Achievement Template

  • Training Evaluation Template

  • Overhead Transparency Masters

  • Sample Self Assessment

  • CD-ROM including Reproducible Handouts and PowerPoint Presentation

Self Assessment Table of Contents:

  • Assessment with pressure-sensitive response form
  • What is Leadership?
  • What is Style?
  • Leadership + Style = Leadership Style
  • Interpretive Information
  • Is There a Best Leadership Style?
  • Characteristics of Each Style
  • Applying What You’ve Learned

Online Interpretive Report Table of Contents:

  • Personalized, full-color report
  • Results of 20-item assessment
  • Understanding Leadership
  • Understanding Leadership Style
  • Your Leadership Profile
  • Your Leadership Style Strength
  • Your Leadership Style Trouble Spots
  • Flexing Your Leadership Style
  • Recognizing Others’ Dominant Style
  • Applying What You’ve Learned
  • Comparative Data

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