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Work Style Personality Test E-Assessment

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Derek T.Y. Mann, Ph.D.

Personality Style at Work (PSAW) is the latest and most statistically accurate assessment. It's a simple but highly effective tool that measures both the core behaviors that make up an individual's style and the lens through which they choose to navigate their world.

How It Works

Personality Style at Work is, at its core, a developmental tool and is suitable for anyone interested in understanding how their behaviors affect their own performance and interactions with others. It has applications in:

  • Leadership development
  • Management and supervisory training
  • Team culture
  • Team building
  • Communication
  • Career development

The backbone of Personality Style at Work is the highly regarded HRDQ Style Model, the popular formula that more than a million people have relied upon to understand not only what makes them tick - but those around them as well. What makes it so powerful is that it takes the complexity of personality and boils it down into four simple, memorable words:

  • Direct
  • Spirited
  • Systematic
  • Considerate

At the foundation of each of the four personality styles is a set of three drivers that guide our actions, decisions, and general life approach. Delving even deeper into the framework of personality is a look at the lens of expressiveness and assertiveness - the learned behaviors that we use as a means of coping with the demands and expectations placed upon us and which help to explain how we can appear to have one personality at work and another in our personal life.

Uses and Applications 

Personality Style at Work acts as a lens that shapes how we see the world, which in turn influences how others see us. It governs the kinds of career choices we make, influences the way we make decisions, determines how we lead others, and plays a significant role in the way we communicate.

Personality style even plays a role in how we decorate our offices or working spaces, as well as the kinds of hobbies or pursuits we engage in. Equally important, our personality style provides clues for others, which enables them to figure out our needs, making it possible for us to forge healthy and productive relationships, both at work and in our personal lives.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain what personality style is (And why they should care)
  • Assess their behavior and identify their personality style
  • Spot different personality types
  • Give strategies for flexing their style to adapt to any situation
  • Become a more effective manager and team member
  • Offer tips and techniques that will help the team get along better
  • Adapt their personality to any organizational culture

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